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Sunday, 10 July 2016 07:58

Transfer at 16+ from non-Selective to Grammar Schools.

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Updated by a much more comprehensive article on a District by District basis, here

I wrote in a previous article, back in January, about Sixth Form Staying on Rates into Grammar Schools and expressed my long held view that there needs to be a healthy transition from non-selective to grammar schools at Sixth Form Level, to allow for late development. Possibly as a result of this article, an FOI request was made to KCC through the 'What Do They Know' website asking for the full data on post sixteen destinations from non-selective schools.

This shows that 513 young people from non-selective schools transferred into grammar Sixth Forms, an average of 16 into each of the 32 Kent grammars, surely a very healthy number. Another 4880 stayed on in non-selective sixth forms whilst 4889 progressed to Further Education Colleges or other Training situations. That left at most 6.5% of the cohort of 11151 young people to become, using the horrible term NEETS, not in Education, Employment or Training, exactly the national average......

Interestingly, 2.5% of Pupil Premium students in non-selective schools move across at 16+, as part of the 4.6% overall population transferring, a higher proportion than I would have expected.

Of course very few of these children will have transferred to the wholly super-selectives, and a break down by individual school would have been more helpful to show those grammar schools embracing the concept of wider accessibility into the sixth form, compared with those adopting a more insular approach.

However, my previous article suggests the schools most likely to encourage transfer of ‘late developers’, include: Simon Langton Boys in Canterbury; Chatham & Clarendon, and Dane Court, both in Thanet; Highworth and Norton Knatchbull in Ashford; Gravesend and Mayfield in Gravesham; and Wilmington Girls and Boys in Dartford.

There may be others disguised by a lower staying on rate of their own students and I have submitted my own FOI request to try and determine this. 

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