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Individual School Information - H

(updated October 2016)

Hadlow Rural Community School. OFSTED Jun 2015 - Good. Some Excerpts: Information about the schoolHadlow Rural Community School is an academy free school which opened to students in September 2013.
It was set up by Hadlow College and is located within the college grounds. There is a strong association with the college, which provides many support services. The Chair of the Governing Body and vice chair are the vice principal and Principal of Hadlow College. This is the school’s first inspection. The school is much smaller than average. Currently, it has students in Years 7, 8, 10 and 11. The 60 places available in Years 7 and 8 are not quite filled and there are 58 students due to join Year 7 in September 2015. The 15 places available in Years 10 and 11 are filled. The school is housed in temporary accommodation. The construction of a new school building, which is scheduled to open in 2016, has started. All students follow a land-based curriculum at Hadlow College one day a week. Increase in capacity for September 2016 form 60 to 75, leaving 10 places vacant on allocation in March. No examination outcomes yet. 

Hartsdown Academy, Margate. Remarkably with the previous glowing OFSTED Report the school had 27 vacancies after allocation in March 2012, rising to 66 in September. Shows parents are strongly influenced by the new build of other schools in the neighbourhood, some with lower standards. Continues to have difficulty attracting students into 2013. GCSE results 2013 sound. A small number of vacancies on allocation in March 2014.  OFSTED March 2014 - Good.  Dramatic fall in GCSE performance for 2014 - from 51% to 19%. 7 vacancies on allocation 1st March 2015. 5GCSE up to 36% for 2015. 14 vacancies on allocation for 2016. Long serving Headteacher retired summer 2015, replaced by Head of Trinity Free School in Sevenoaks. Clearly tightening up, see here

The Harvey Grammar School.  Now an Academy Harvey has introduced the Shepway Test along with Folkestone School for Girls as an alternative way to the Kent Test of gaining admissions. As a result the school filled for 2014 entry for the first time in many years, the majority of boys qualifying through the Kent Test, so winning an appeal will be far more difficult than previously. Independent Appeals Panel. GCSE and A Level performance improving year on year to a high standard, 98% 5GCSE pass rate in 2014. Full again for 2015. 95% 5GCSEs in 2015. Just 5 out of 35 appeals upheld. Heavily oversubscribed for 2016 entrance with 19 grammar qualified (Kent and Shepway Tests) first choices turned away. OFSTED March 2016, Outstanding, up from Good. Comment

Hayesbrook School Became an Academy in 2010. 17 first choices oversubscribed for 2013. OFSTED 2013 Good (down from Outstanding). Not oversubscribed for the first time in many years (PAN increased by 9 to achieve this) in 2014, probably hit by opening of Hadlow Rural Community School. Full for 2015, on allocation in March. GCSE 5 A-C pass rate consistently above floor level, at 47% in 2014. Dramatic fall in popularity for 2016 entry, with 84 of its 151 places vacant, in spite of its high 61% 5 A-Cs in 2015, fourth best in Kent. 

Hereson School Combined with Ellington School to form Ellington and Hereson School

Herne Bay High School Was completely rebuilt under BSF. Is now an academy. Increased intake by 7 to 265 for 2014 entry. Not sure of the logic for this small number. OFSTED Mar 2014 - Good again. Back to normal popularity for 2014, with 36 first choices turned away, up to 42 in 2015 and even higher to 48 for 2016 intake. GCSE 5 A-C pass rate at 43%, above floor level for past three years. sharp fall to 37% for 2015. 3 out of 17 appeals upheld for 2016.

Hextable School  became Oasis Hextable Academy and has now closed. 

Highsted Grammar School Sittingbourne. Sometimes has spare places. Independent Appeals Panel Administrator. Outstanding School according to OFSTED.  Became an Academy October 2010.  Just filled for 2013 entry, but 17 vacancies for 2014. Just filled again for 2015, 9 vacancies for 2016. Tends to take in appeal places to around 128, 5 GCSE A-C pass rate consistently at 98% (2014) or above, and 98% again in 2015. 18 out of 27 appeals upheld for 2016 entry.  

Highworth Grammar School for Girls. U16 spare places on 2nd March 2010. However for 2011 entry it was 18 qualified first choices oversubscribed. The seesaw continued in 2012, with 37 free spaces, the PAN having been raised from 174 to 180, and then to 184 for 2013 entry.  A few vacancies for 2013 entry. There were 9 successful appeals. OFSTED 2013 - Outstanding (again). Became an academy school January 2011. A small number of vacancies for 2014 entry but 9 qualified first choices turned away for 2015 entry.  4 vacancies for 2016 admission, 21 out of 46 appeals upheld.  

High Weald Academy, previously The Angley School, Cranbrook. Great difficulty in attracting students including for September 2013, with over half its places empty on allocation on 1st March. The last of Kent's 'Thameside High Schools'. Technically comprehensive for years 7 & 8 with transfer of the ablest pupils to Cranbrook School at 13+. However, many bright children from the area seek alternatives at age 11, so the number who transfer is fewer than might be expected, and have to compete for places with prospective boarders from private schools across the country. OFSTED Jul 14 - Requires Improvement. Some excerpts -Information about the school: The academy opened in September 2012 and is sponsored by Brook Learning Trust. The High Weald is in an area where there is selective education at ages 11 and 13, which means some students leave at the end of Year 8 to attend selective schools;  Student numbers are declining. Key Stage 3 numbers are significantly smaller than in Key Stage 4. As a result, staffing has been reduced due to the falling student roll; The principal, principal designate, managers and governors have a clear understanding of the issues that need tackling to improve students’ achievement. They are taking many of the right actions to help improve the school’s effectiveness. Has third highest proportion of empty desks in Year 7 in the county in 2013. Is it still viable? No let up for 2013, with 103 of its 180 places vacant for 2014, probably hit by Hadlow Rural Community College, some Cranbrook children travelling to Tenterden to avoid it. 97 vacancies for 2015 admission before appeals to other schools which will increase this. 31% GCSE pass rate for 2014, below government floor standard, but soared to 59% for 2015, seventh highest non-selective in Kent, but still failing to attract students, having half its places empty despite reducing admission number from 215 to 180.  

Hillview School for Girls Regularly oversubscribed. 47 first choices oversubscribed for 2011, 59 for 2012, 45 for 2013. All appeals successful in some but not all years, including 2013. OFSTED Dec 13 - Good. In the previous OFSTED before becoming an academy, the school was found Outstanding. Very good GCSE results 2013. 30 first choices oversubscribed for 2014,  10 for 2015, but all who have applied and persisted will have gained places. Consistently one of the highest achieving non-selective schools in Kent, in 2014, 62% pass rate at 5 GCSEs A-C. Just filled for 2016, before grammar school appeals, in spite of continued high academic performance, at 61% 5 A-Cs,  fourth highest non-selective in Kent.  

Holmesdale School Snodland. OFSTED Feb 2018, Special Measures down from Good. 25 first choices oversubscribed on 2nd March 2010, 9 for 2011, Spaces for 2012. School takes 80 children from Medway. Completely rebuilt under PFI scheme 2008. Is in a Federation with the Malling School, the Federation currently applying for academy status. Delay is down to problems with PFI finances.  Popularity is declining sharply and there were plenty of spaces for 2013 entry for this previously oversubscribed school, rising to 49 for 2014 and 55 for 2015, even before appeals elsewhere. Question: Why, with two consecutive good OFSTED's and new local housing developments, is its popularity plummeting? I have asked this question ever since the OFSTED, without a convincing answer. No let up for 2016, with 46 vacancies, not helped by another GCSE slip to 30%. 


2014 180 117 49
2015 180 109 55
2016 180 123 46
2017 180 67 75
2018 2180 75 52

 No Appeals 2014-2017

  Progress 8 Attainment 8
% 5A*-C (inc
Eng and Maths)
2014 n/a n/a  35
2015 n/a n/a 26
2016 -0.78 41 n/a
2017 -0.7 36.8 n/a


Homewood School, Tenterden. Admits 20% of its children by ability, no matter where they live. The headteacher is Sally Lees, previously Head of Dover Grammar Boys which was an interesting appointment, given Homewood's implacable opposition to grammar schools over the past decade or more, but perhaps indicative of its academic aspirations.  She has resurrected the schools previous excellent reputation and popularity. 110 first choices oversubscribed on 2nd March 2010. Dramatic fall in popularity for 2011 entry (reasons unclear) with just 10 first choices turned down, 29 in 2012. Became an academy. OFSTED 2012 - Good. Just filled for 2013 entry, after Admission Number raised from 360 to 380. Planned admission number increased again to 390 for 2014 entry, but still slightly oversubscribed.   After another increase in PAN to 390 the largest school in Kent, school just filled on allocation for September 2015, on March 1st, and for 2016. GCSE 5 A-C pass rate consistently above government floor standard, at 46% in 2014 and 50% for 2015.

Hugh Christie Technology College, Tonbridge. Rebuilt under PFI. Had vacancies for 2011 entry. 37 vacancies for 2012 in March, rising to 76 in September. For 2013 there are again vacancies. OFSTED January 2014 - Good. In spite of the OFSTED, popularity has not picked up for 2014 entry and plenty of vacancies. Possibly hit by opening of Trinity School in Sevenoaks. For 2015 entry, PAN was reduced by 40 to 165; as a result school was oversubscribed on allocation on 1st March, but took in an additional 13 students so that all who wished to come were offered places. Consistently above government floor standard at GCSE 5 A-Cs, 43% in 2014, 40% in 2015. 20 vacancies on allocation for 2016 entry.