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Individual School Information - G

(updated August 2015)

Gravesend Grammar School Planned Admission Number up to 175 from 150 in 2014. For 2015 entry, 154 offers made, with 130 first choices, including 20 out of county mainly from London. The school filled after appeals. For 2014 appeals, 16 out of 53 were upheld. OFSTED June 2015: Outstanding, up from Good in 2012. Excerpt from Information about school: The school is a larger than average selective school for boys aged 11−18; Girls may join the sixth form from local schools and a small number, around 40, join each year; The school is part of a multi academy trust, the Gravesend Grammar School Trust, and is federated with a local primary school called Whitehill Primary School. Both schools share the same Trust Board; A very small proportion of the students, around 5%, is eligible for the pupil premium grant; Most students in the school are of White British heritage. Around one third of the students are from an ethnic minority group, the largest being Indian and Black African;  The school meets the government’s floor standards that set minimum expectations for pupils’ attainment. Excerpt from Report: The school’s motto of ‘consule cunctis’ meaning care for all permeates all aspects of the school’s work. It fuels the powerful drive for excellence of the executive headteacher and the governors and is understood and shared by all members of the school community and progress. You will find an article on the Ofsted Report here.

Gravesend Grammar School for Girls. changed its name to Mayfield Grammar School in September 2011 to cater for the large number of boys admitted in the Sixth Form.